Wireless Networking will become a high-tech industry standard by nearly future.

WL-consulting will provide a expertise/user-friendly wireless solution in wireless networking and mobile computing device.

All the High Tech companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, Sun Micro System, and many others, which they already developed a high performance wireless network system. It allows you to access/share the data through the wireless network with the certain area range. In current decade, there are many computer devices are ready to operating the wireless network such as PCs, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Mobile Phone, Printers and more.

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The IEEE 802 standards are the most popular local area network standard from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Group. IEEE 802.11 is a Wireless Ethernet standard which it access a wireless Local Area Network with 2.4 GHz spectrum.

The most common WLAN standard is Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g) Wireless Fidelity that it allows high data rate of 5.5 and 2.4GHz spectrum up to 11 Mbps, the cover range above 100 meters. Wi-Fi wireless fidelity use radio signals to connect devices throughout businesses and homes; it can be access the local area network without the cables and connection, simply connect to access points across the LAN. All Wi-Fi are interoperable with any Ethernet enable device. Indeed, wireless network is the future communication.


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