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For the past few years, Internet becomes a big business community. There is over 10 million online e-business for selling their products or services. WL-Consulting specializes in web marketing which increasing your business visibilities on Internet. Nevertheless, we should provide an overview of Web marketing solutions to best fit your own campaign/criteria.


  1. Listing your web site on any Internet search engine or directories which it would easier to locate your company and identify your products / services.
  2. Design a unique interface web site to capture the first sight of your company.
  3. Provide contact information which it easily to redirect your sales representative for assisting your customers' request. Create user-friendly interactive component for customer service, such as feedback, comment, directions and client request form.
  4. Attach an effective advertise banner on your site and any others web site or search engine.
  5. Announcing your new information to your customer via email/newsletter which it is good to update your products / services directly between you and your clients.
  6. Noticing any special event for sales special, close out item. Located the customer favorite products which they will repeat order.
  7. Using any kind of web statistics and log analysis tool. You should monitor your web site's user activity, log report and web traffic data. Urchin Web Analytic Software system designed the world's most accurate web analytics system. For detail please visit at http://www.urchin.com. It can be enhance your analysis of promotional campaigns. It let you target the right audience, the right place, and at the right value.
  8. Create your company profile and products tour which they can increase a visual of your company and emerging the communication between you and visitors/customers. Especially the online catalogs are so important element for how easy to listing or locate your products/services to the customers. Let the customer feel that is so easy to make a purchase whenever they're ready.
  9. For getting people come back and repeat sales from your web site are so important. How you can anticipate your customer objections from your site? You may point out some idea how to remember your customer every time they were visited your site. For example: send a newsletter for any special deal or new items to your existing customers.
  10. Try new things: Affiliate marketing, consider partnerships or sponsorships. (Click here for detail about affiliate program)

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